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Dear Finn families,

My name is Mireia Graziani, and I am a native speaker from Barcelona, Spain. I hold a BA in Law and
an MS in Spanish. I am certified to teach Spanish in Massachusetts by the Department of Education.
I have taught Spanish since 2005 and will be the Spanish teacher for Kindergarten and First
graders this 2023-2024 school year.

As an exploratory program, students will have Spanish for 30 minutes twice weekly this school year.
First graders will also have an additional Enrichment Spanish block every eight weeks.
In a nurturing environment, students will explore Spanish-speaking communities, cultures, music,
food, language, traditions, and lifestyles through hands-on activities, songs, books, storytelling, TPR,
and manipulatives. The goal is to build a solid foundation and launching point in elementary years to
transition to the well-established world languages program at Trottier Middle School.
During this school year, the Superintendent's office will provide more information about implementing
this program to the Southborough community.

I look forward to helping build a successful and strong world language program.

Mireia Graziani
FLES Spanish teacher